A Dream of a New Church

A Dream of a New Church


What is the church?  A building?  A service?

We are a people.  A priesthood.  A family on mission together.  We serve each other.  Push each other.  Love each other.  Challenge each other.  We live life together.  We throw parties. We eat together and when we do, we remember Christ.
We laugh together.  We bless all those around us.
We forgive.  We love others more than ourselves.  We look out for each other.  We LOVE Jesus…more than anything else.  We help one another follow his teachings in every day life.  We error on the side of Grace.
We pick up each other when we’re down.  We encourage and support one another.
Everyone plays a part.  Everyone is important.  We meet on a regular basis..not just to hear preaching, but to talk; to share with each other; to pray for each other; to train each other; to set plans and visions for the upcoming week.
We are a movement.

Our meetings are everywhere.  We gather and we scatter.  We are in every neighborhood and in every sphere of society.  We are a virus of love.

We share our possessions.  We love the poor.  We adopt babies with no parents.  We take care of widows.  We build homes for the homeless–not just homes made of brick and mortar, but homes that come with a spiritual family.

 We eliminate poverty by giving it all.
 In our communities, no one goes hungry.  No one cries alone.  No one is forgotten.  We love the unlovable, touch the untouchable, and serve kings and peasants.  There is no high and no low—just children of God.

In our community, there is no head but Christ.  Humility is the highest honor.  We applaud the ones who serve the most.  The least are the greatest and the greatest choose to serve the least.

We play.  We have fun.  We transform the communities that we live in.  We have a bias for action.

We depend completely on God for everything.  We pray as if it all depends on Him and live as if it all depends on us.  We proclaim Jesus and His love.  We don’t just speak about it, we live it out.  Every day.

Our homes are filled with laughter and joy.

Marriages reflect the image of Christ.

Fathers love their kids like God loves His children.
Husbands love their wives like Christ loved the Church.

The church is about being.  Being who God called us to be.  Being His body…His bride…His people…

It’s about Jesus.  And looking more like Him everyday.

At least, that’s what it’s supposed to be…

Will you join us?