A Letter to The Sons and Daughters of The King

A Letter to The Sons and Daughters of The King

To Those on the Front Lines

To the Sons and Daughters of Our King, my Brothers and Sisters

To the Faithful Scattered Across the World:

This is war.

The enemy doesn’t want you to think so.

But it is.

He would much rather you stay blind and ignorant, thinking that God only desires your comfort and happiness.  As if your purpose of being is to be happy and healthy and wealthy and comfortable.

We must remember who we are.

And we must remember where we are.

This is enemy territory.  We were sent here with a mission.  A mission that has yet to be fulfilled.  A mission where eternity hangs in the balance.  Where souls are fought for and won.  Where hearts are healed and restored.  Where love is our weapon and Jesus the answer.

We must not forget.

We are ambassadors of the King.  His children.  His Sons and Daughters.  Princes and Princesses of the Kingdom.  Where we walk, the Kingdom of God should be represented.  Love and grace and mercy and forgiveness should be in our wake.  Broken hearts mended and lost souls saved.  The Kingdom of Darkness fleeing in terror and the hearts of people all over the world risen from the dead.

The power and authority of the King Himself has been bestowed on each of us.  Not because of our heroics or our strength, but because of the Sacrifice of our Great King.

We are His chosen people.  The bearers of Light.  The carriers of Love.  The family of God.  

Therefore, we must fight.  With all that we have and with all that we are.  Fight.

Fight for the love of God and for the salvation of souls.  Fight for the healing of the nations.  Fight for justice and peace.  Fight for orphans and widows.  Fight for the poor and the oppressed.  Our Kingdom should never allow such things.  Fight for the unborn and the slave.  Speak for those who have no voice.  Stand for those that are unable to stand.  Touch the untouchable and love the unloved.

For the sake of the King and for the sake of the world, we must fight.

Therefore, we must break off the chains of mediocrity.  Loose the shackles of conformity.  Rise out of the pool of comfort.  And go in the name of our Great King and Savior, Jesus Christ.  With His Spirit in us, His Word to guide us, the Father’s love to fill us, and our fellow brothers and sisters at our side:  We must go and never look back.  Fight and never quit.  Serve and never expect a return.  

A hurting world awaits.

In the name of our Great King and for the Glory of His Great Kingdom—

Your Fellow Soldier and Fellow Heir of the Coming Kingdom,